As an educator, you play a cherished role in students’ lives—and thus in the betterment of society as a whole. You know firsthand that great role models can make a big difference for young learners.

Teaching the values of peace and nonviolence takes much more than giving lessons and gauging completed assignments. It requires embodying these values through our very actions, words, and decisions. In short, it’s about being a nonviolent leader in every aspect of our lives.

Sharpening our nonviolence skills is of course important, yet it’s also vital to remember our personal wellbeing. We know that as educators, many of you are juggling not only the wellbeing of your students, but complex relationships with colleagues, administrators, and parents. You give so much to others. Now it’s your turn to receive some support and encouragement.



Personal wellbeing and inner growth are vital to creating positive change. Enjoy these inspirational resources.



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