An Education in Solutions-Thinking

“Education is the root system underlying all other systems. Given the grave and potentially catastrophic problems we face, it is critical that we provide young people with the knowledge, tools and motivation to address our pressing challenges in order to transform unsustainable and unjust systems into ones that are humane, healthy and peaceful.”

— Zoe Weil

Zoe Weil begins one of her many inspiring and challenging Tedx talks by making the bold claim that if every child succeeded in our current educational system in the United States, we would still be stuck with the greatest problems facing humanity today. We need an education that re-imagines our human potential for creating solutions. We need to ask ourselves: What are our best qualities as people and how do we use those as a basis for education to support building the world that works for everyone? Imagine now children educated in that kind of a system going into the world—even DURING their school years. We’d be much closer to peace in our world. What do you think?

Systems thinker and pioneer in the comprehensive humane education movement, Zoe Weil (co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education) joined us on the Metta Center’s biweekly radio show (formerly called Peace Paradigm Radio and now called Nonviolence Radio). Listen to the podcast and find out: What is Humane Education and what does it have to do with nonviolence and the New Story?