Whole-Person Education: For Body, Mind & Spirit

Nonviolence is by nature a subject that has to be learned by the whole person, and not just cognized as a set of ideas. This whole-person approach to learning is even truer of K-8 students than of high schoolers, but it applies in considerable measure to adults.

To be fully assimilated, nonviolence must be experienced and practiced. Here are some free classroom tools to help you encourage your students to engage their minds, bodies, and spirits while learning about the power of nonviolence (these resources work equally well in traditional and non-traditional educational settings).

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Seeking new perspectives? Whether you teach in a public institution or a non-traditional setting, our ideas can offer helpful food for thought.



From conference call series to interviews with forward-thinking educators, our podcasts will broaden your horizons on what's possible.

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Want to help your students learn about nonviolence? The Metta Center’s fun animations, available on YouTube, connect all the dots.